Business is truly a global game these days, and where better to invest than in Germany, a country famous for its strong economy and its manufacturing prowess. Here’s 10 Reasons from the German Embassy in Kingston, as to why you should definitely be doing business in Germany!

  1. Germany is the most innovative country in Europe – more than 20% of European patents are held by Germans.
  2. Germany is one of the most accessible, liberal and stable social markets in Europe.
  3. Germany has a proven track record in foreign business. Over 22,000 foreign companies operate in Germany, employing more than 2.1 million staff, which generates trillions of Euro in turnover.
  4. Germany has the biggest economy in Europe – with a 22% share of Eurozone GDP and access to 454 million consumers. Productivity has risen by more than 30% during the past 5 years.
  5. Germany is the most dynamic European player in the New Economy with internationally recognised high-tech clusters throughout the country.
  6. Germany has a highly sophisticated infrastructure; railways, motorways and a state-of-the-art telecommunications network make sure that goods and IT services are delivered rapidly and reliably.
  7. Germany is the world’s second largest exporter – The “Made in Germany” seal is a sign of quality which is recognised around the world.
  8. Germany’s professional training, universities and research and development rank highly in global comparison.
  9. Germany’s international capital market and financial services are repeatedly quoted by businesses of every size as one of Germany’s biggest and most distinct advantages.
  10. Germany is at the heart of Europe and shares borders with every major economy in central Europe, providing immediate access not only to established markets in Western Europe but also to emerging markets in central and Eastern Europe.
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