the mexican flag

The Mexican flag symbolises the ideals, victories and efforts to build an independent nation.

Happy “Dia de la Bandera” or Mexican flag day! The 24th February is a national holiday in Mexico and an admiration of traditional Mexican heritage. As part of the celebration, the flag is hoisted up on the “Cerro de la Bandera” (Flag Hill) in Buena Vista and a race to the summit is held where anyone can participate. In the evening people party in Plaza Mijares in the main square of San Jos del Cabo.

The Mexican flag is enriched in cultural history and is symbolic of the efforts of the people to build an independent nation. Previously rules by the Aztecs, Mexico was a Spanish colony for over 300 years winning the War of Independence in 1821. Although the significance of the colours and design of the flag has changed over time, it is believed that the green colour  represents hope and victory, white is symbolic of the purity of Mexican ideals, while the red is representative of the blood that the national heroes shed for their motherland. The coat of arms on the flag displays a Mexican eagle perched on a Nopal cactus devouring a serpent with it’s mouth and talons. Legend has it that the Aztec civilisation received a sign from one of their gods, indicating that when they saw the vision of the eagle, they should build what is currently known as Mexico city.

Did you know?

  • Mexico is both the most populous Spanish speaking country and home to the largest numbers of native American language speakers.

    The smallest dog in the world. A Chihuahua

    The smallest dog in the world. The Chihuahua is named after a Mexican state.

  • Mexico is the 11th most populated country in the world.
  • Mexico has 31 states as well as the capital Mexico city.
  • Popular Mexican dishes are tacos, enchiladas and burritos.
  • The most popular sport in Mexico is soccer.
  • Around 1000 people die from scorpion stings every year in Mexico.
  • It was Mexico that introduced chocolate, corn and chillies to the world.
  • Millions of monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico every year from the US and Canada.
  • Mexico is only second to Brazil with the largest amount of Catholic citizens
  • Chihauhau – the world’s smallest dog is named after a Mexican state.
  • Mexico is located in the “ring of fire”, one of the earth’s most violent earthquake and volcanic zones.
  • Modern Mexicans are a unique blend of many ancient civilisations including the Olmec, Zapotec Toltec, Maya, Aztec, Laca, African, French and Spanish.
  • Spanish conquerors brought bullfighting to Mexico which is now the national sport of Mexico. Bullfighting takes place from November to April.



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