These days we tend to avoid occupations that aren’t easy, that require any effort whatsoever – anything that is time consuming. We expect things to be ‘handed to us on a silver platter’; as we say in Italy. We avoid situations of confusion or engagement but then we like to travel, watch movies (sometimes in foreign languages) and to meet and chat with people from different countries. Language learning is difficult and many avoid trying with the excuse that they have no aptitude for it. We have compiled a list of the reasons why it is worth pursuing language learning despite the difficulties.

Learning languages can:

1. Open your mind to learn about different cultures and travelling. This quality can inspire excitement, intelligence and adventures in your life.

2. Broaden your cultural knowledge; make you more interesting and attractive to others.

3. Allow you to travel to different countries and meet lots of amazing different people.

4. Allow you to discover aspects of your personality that you didn’t know about.

5. Make you more self confident.

6. Make you more employable. Companies these days are often looking for employees with a good knowledge of at least two languages, so the more the better.

7. Allow you to understand movies, music lyrics and media publications that you wouldn’t pay attention to otherwise.

8. Help your memory. Research has shown that language learning can have many positive effects on our brain capacity, helping to keep your mind healthy in general.

9. Help keep languages alive!

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10. Enable you to integrate more easily when travelling.

11. Allow you in some cases to have a secret language in public, for example in a foreign country or with a foreign member of your family.

12. Give you access to broader fields of research and more information sources in general.

13. Allow you to spread your message around the world in your own way.

14. Help you understand what you are eating abroad or in fancy restaurants 😛

15. Allow you to become another version of you, or that someone else you wish to become but your nation/language doesn’t allow you to.

16. Help you find your other half – breaking down language barriers that hinder love across cultures.

17. Allow you to help people in need (it happens more than you might think).

18. Show you how others might think and cause you to have new respect for them.

19. Allow you challenge yourself in a healthy way.

..and most importantly it is worth keeping in mind what Nelson Mandela said:

20. If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

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