Our clients often ask us about the importance of translating their company’s platform into another language. Not only does this allow you to communicate your message idiomatically in the target culture but, there are also some other inherent advantages…

First, it is widely regarded that foreign markets are much more inclined to buy products and services in their own language, 72% according to the Common Sense Advisory. In this sense, it allows for your company to be better perceived abroad.

Secondly, there is a trend on the global scene of regional languages entering the market. Languages like Kazakh, for example, are no longer being overrun by their colonial language, Russian. What appears to be happening is that languages like Kazakh are supplanting languages like Russian. This gives companies plenty more food for thought in terms of finding new markets to meet.

Thirdly, countries speaking languages like Indonesian, where populations are vast in terms of size, are gaining access to the web, thus creating a new, dynamic market for businesses to reach and allowing for the latter to sell their goods and services to new markets.

Lastly, despite the domination of English as the international language of business, languages that were previously considered as forming the minority within a given country, such as Tamil in India, for example, are beginning to make some serious ground. This is most certainly the case with the type of impact that the translation of the website, snapdeal, is beginning to have in the online shopping market.

When clients are faced with the decision of having their website translated, they are often reluctant to opt for regional or minority languages, despite the potential for reaching populous markets. The statistics do not lie, if you want your company to be taken serious abroad, website translation and localisation must be a serious consideration.

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At Lingua Translations, our passion for language and translation has meant that we continue to offer a multilingual service that sees no boundaries, whether your request is for a regional, minority or majority language. Get in touch with us to discuss your translation requirements.