“I am an avid fan of Richard Branson; we recognise a lot of what he does in our business.”
Sharon Stephens – Managing Director at Lingua Translations

Our Managing Director here at Lingua Translations has always manifested her admiration for Virgin Group founder and chairman, Richard Branson. In fact, Sharon admits to having a “burning ambition” to meet him one day, as she draws a lot of inspiration from his determination and “ability to innovate like nobody else” (Sharon’s own words).

It seems, though, that the world out there is packed with Branson enthusiasts, like the ex-Virgin employee, Alexis Dormandy, who, in a recent , revealed the following five key insights he gained from working directly under him. And, guess what? Lingua Translations also shares such values and proceeds along the lines of similar principles.

1. Set ridiculously high expectations
The day after Sharon’s final University exam, Lingua Translations was launched. From day one, Lingua Translations grew so quickly that it soon had to move out of Sharon’s dining room and into business premises. Over the last 3 years, Lingua Translations has scaled up to cater for an international customer base and has significantly grown its network of linguists. As Sharon puts it:
I like to compare our brand ‘Lingua Translations’ with the ‘Virgin’ brand in its youth. People do think I can be unrealistic but if you aim high, you achieve high. I think in general many businesses lack vision and that would take all the fun out of running a business for me. When I say wor(l)d domination, I mean it! Do not be afraid to create your own path but leave a trail behind you. I am not afraid of anything; as long as I have my family, then I will lead Lingua Translations directly to Necker Island!

2. Trust your employees
On the issue of trusting one’s employees, Dormandy argues that, in Virgin, “new hires were given small projects to start with, and if done properly were given increasingly larger projects, and with them, an increasing level of creative autonomy.” Being a newbie here at Lingua Translations, I cannot but acknowledge the truthfulness of such a claim as far as my own working experience is concerned.

3. Your product must be the best on the market
If a company aspires to develop the best product in the market, it has to appreciate and treat it in the appropriate way. Lingua Translations is Latin for ‘truth’; a true passion for language! As the UK’s only major translation company founded and staffed by experienced linguists, you will discover an infectious passion for language at the heart of Lingua Translations. We pride ourselves on the quality of our language services and we keep shouting about its importance but quality is a necessity – or your translation could let you and your business down. With a fascination for the social and cultural nuances of language, Lingua Translations is a truly unique and customer focussed language services organisation, if only for one reason: We love language!

4. Reputation is everything
Since day one, we positioned ourselves in the market as a quality-driven language company and put our customers’ needs first. Our reputation has been achieved through a passion for language, a commitment to excellence and uncompromising attention to detail. All of our linguists share these essential qualities and with each and every project we prove just why this reputation is justified.

5. You need to have a stellar attitude
It is probably better to leave this part for others to evaluate.
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