Are you making the most of the new international economy the internet has created?

Here’s 8 Reasons why your business should be using the internet

  1. You don’t have to be a massive company like Amazon or Ebay to build a profitable online business. Studies show small and medium size businesses will be the main growth force of e-commerce in the coming years.
  2. With marketing and localisation you can create an appealing shop front that is open 24/7/365 to showcase your products and services to your prospective customer without the overheads of an actual shop.
  3. Having a website shows your customers you are serious about business and allows you to create a corporate image for your company and brand.
  4. You can provide better customer support in many ways, in real time, through social media, chat,  and Skype. You can also make all the important information your customers need readily available and accessible in a variety of languages.
  5. You can reduce costs significantly doing business online. Companies can reduce more than five percents of their maintenance, repair and operation costs by adopting e-business solution. This five percent savings can turn into 50% of a company’s net profit!
  6. You can expand your customer base internationally without leaving your home. By translating and localising your content and using software to calculate international shipping rates enable multi currency purchase options, you can become a global player in your industry.
  7. Building a web site and localising it for international sales does not require huge investments. There are many low cost tools available today, which can help you create sites from very scratch and multi lingual marketing professionals who can ensure you can sell your products and services all over the world.
  8. You can kickstart world domination by utilising the hundreds of vertical and horizontal e-marketplaces available on the net. These marketplaces allow you for a nominal fee to get access to a large audience of prospective customers from all over the world.Why not join the other $1,3$ trillion worth of goods and services that are flowing through the B2B marketplaces.
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