Since I am no longer living in the beautiful Berlin, I satisfy my German needs by flooding you with articles related to this beautiful language. And here is a new one, with a few interesting facts and figures about German that you may not know!

First of all, German is the most spoken language in the EU, as well as one of the EU’s three official working languages, which means that each document or website section of the EU is available in German, as well as English and French.

German is not only spoken in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Banat (an area in Hungary), South Tyrol (Italy), Belgium and Luxembourg. Also, German appears on the school curriculum in several Eastern countries, so many people can understand it.

German is the language of philosophy, and Germany has been dubbed das Land der Dichter und Denker, the land of poets and thinkers. This is one of the reasons why some German philosophical words have made it into English, such as Zeitgeist, the spirit of a certain time, and Weltanschauung, a world view.books

And finally, although German is ‘only’ the 12th most spoken language in the world (I would say that’s quite an achievement actually), Germany is the third biggest producer of books. One out of every 10 books published is in German, totalling around 60,000 books a year. How cool is that?

Bis bald! (See you soon!)


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