Week 1 – Getting back on the battlefield! Hilarious!!!

What an amazing thing getting off classes, assignments and exams?!!

So after exams and classes, I am so pleased to get back to a real work environment! It’s been so long! I really like this week because it brings back old memories of my office and my colleagues back home. I enjoy working alongside my colleagues in the office, learning new things and the teamwork, etc. Working under pressure with so many things to complete, is one of my favourite ways to be!

I’m not sure why but I love to be busy!

What a full week…

In fact, I am very lucky to work with such helpful team. You don’t feel that there is a manager or a boss as we all work together as one team. Each one helps the other to get the work done successfully.

I really enjoyed translating the company website document into Arabic. I can’t wait to see the website with an Arabic version on it. Oh yes! Even more than that, I got a chance learn about Lingua Translations’ project management process.

Waiting for more excitement next week!!

What an enjoyable week I’ve had!!