Three weeks are full of knowledge!! Time goes fast at Lingua Translations!!

I just completed three awesome weeks at Lingua Translations. The main thing is teamwork. I really like working with the team to accomplish projects so we can to meet the deadlines. The Project Management process is fascinating; it keeps you concentrated, you have to be well organised and very precise. When you mark a project as completed, the feeling you get is great, especially as it is always delivered in time. In this industry there is such competition; so we at Lingua Translations we are eager to reach the maximum level of clients satisfaction.

It is all about communication and the main thing is teamwork!

Now, I feel more confident working through our useful software (WordBee) and still learning a lot everyday or even every hour. The main thing with project management is communication. Good communication skills help you to manage clients and suppliers (translators) effectively. More than that, being able to react to solving any sudden issues is a must – as well as calmness and control. Don’t get in a panic, there is a solution for everything!