Never stop loading knowledge! Week 6 at Lingua Translations!

In this week, I continued working in the company website pages translation along side with other enjoyable tasks. We still have quite number of pages that we need to translate into our native languages; so the website will contain four (En, Ar, De, Fr) different languages versions. I believe this will advance the Lingua Translations reputation in the industry.

More than that, I moved back to recruitment because we got urgent orders to find interpreters to interpret from English into Greek and the other way around. That was like a challenge for us as interns because we have to find the suitable interpreters and sort out all other procedures to get them added on the company’s database. In fact, that mission went well and we managed to sort it all out as a team.

The new thing, which I learnt in this week that Sharon showed us how we could modify our translations on the website, pages as well as uploading our blogs. I really like it!

I am sure that I will add something new to my world knowledge during the coming days at Lingua Translations!