Week 7 – Abdullah

I can’t believe how the lovely days went so quickly! Believe it or not, I have finished week 7 at Lingua Translations!!


Everyone at Lingua Translations feels that this week went fast, maybe because of the huge amount of the work that we had done during the week. In my point of view, lovely days always move very fast. I am going to miss these wonderful times at Lingua Translations.

In this week most of the work, which I did was about searching in the Military Translation Domain for the e-books. In fact, I found a numerous amount of information about this domain which I don’t know before doing this kind of research. As I mentioned in previous blogs, these are the times of enriching our world knowledge.

More than that, I assisted Adrian in recruiting a Dutch translator (En-Nl) for urgent project and we found the right one just on time.

Let’s see what next week hides for us?!! More fun I suppose!!