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If you are looking for expert Afrikaans Translations, by in-country native speakers – we’ve got your back.

LiNGUA Translations Afrikaans Translation Services

If you are looking for a quality-driven Afrikaans Translation Services then our network of Afrikaans translators are ready and waiting to look after your content.

As they are based in-country, they are well versed with the latest nuances and terminology in varying sectors and industries from from legal translation, to medical translation, from finance to technical translation.

Location Southern Africa
Language family West Germanic
Related languages Dutch.

Afrikaans Translations

If you have a document that needs to be translated into or out of Afrikaans, a website that reaches out to your target audience or maybe a simple letter, you need specialist Afrikaans translators who are experts in what you do.

We understand that you need to be confident that anything translated into another language will require a high level of expertise and understanding of your brand and what you are trying to achieve.

Our in-country translators specialise in your industry are individually selected for each translation, based on their expertise and location so you can be guaranteed a high quality standard, consistently and not have to worry about language, that’s our job!

Afrikaans Interpreting

Whether you need an interpreter for a Conference, a Meeting or an Event, finding the right solution can be complicated.

You need an interpreter that understands your industry and understands the often complex terminology used.

Our professionally trained interpreters who specialise in the your industry are individually selected for each project, based on their expertise and location so you can be guaranteed a high quality standard consistently and never have to worry about language, that’s our job!

If your Conference requires equipment, we can supply that for you together with an experienced technician who would be on hand, on site.

If you need a quick solution, our 24/7/365 Real Time Interpreting Solution could be just what you need and is available in 200 languages, right now.

Multimedia For Afrikaans Content

We understand that sourcing Multimedia experts in other languages can be time consuming and very annoying trying to work out what you need, just to get your task done. Well, our in-country experts are multi-talented and selected for their skill and expertise.

We have linguists who will easily:

  • Transcribe your video
  • Translate your content
  • Subtitle your video
  • Provide voiceovers (we can even give you voices to choose from)

It’s easy when you know how, and we know how to look after you! Get in touch so we can help you to plan your project, making your life much easier.

Translation For Social Media

If you want your fans to follow your journey, step by step, minute by minute, then you are looking for a smart, fast, real-time solution such as using Twitter.

Our translators already Tweet for Premier League Football matches in numerous languages, proving to increase the fanbase and spread the match excitement all over the world.

This can be replicated over numerous platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

All you need to do is tell us what you are trying to achieve and we can let you know how we could work together.

Language Screening by Native Linguists

Do you ever find youself in a position whereby you need to verify the language of a member of staff? 

By public demand, our customers have asked us to screen candidates for multilingual positions available across the globe.

Would you believe, candidates are turning up to multilingual positions not being able to speak the languages they claimed to be fluent in!

Let us know if you need our help.

Quality Guaranteed

We are one of the first translation companies to be awarded the latest International Standards for our Industry. What does that mean to you? We know what we are doing!

We are Internationally Accredited not only for the ISO2008:2015 but also the ISO17100:20015 (Translation).

We are so confident you will love our services, we guarantee they meet your expectations and wherever we can, we exceed them – we love happy customers.

Our Translators are Based In-Country

Our medical translators are based in-country so they are always up to date with the latest medical language terminology, nuances and language changes – otherwise your content may sound old fashioned and simply not be good enough.

For example, if you are in need of a medical translation into German – our translator would be based in Germany and a medical expert. The same goes for Legal,  Marketing, Technical… etc.   If you need a more colloquial language, then the translator would be native from that area, such as a Catalan Translator from Barcelona or a Costa Rican Translator, from Costa Rica.

We will match you with the very best in-country specialists that suit your business or brand and work alongside you to ensure that your audience understands exactly what you want them to. It may not be rocket science but when translation is carried out properly, you really see the benefits – quickly.

Which Interpreting Service Do you Need?

Whether you are going to attend a conference abroad, to meet a foreign business partner overseas or need urgent linguistic support in a foreign land you might need the services of an interpreter. The question is: which one to use?

Conference interpreting is probably the most well-known kind of interpretation. As the name suggests, it is mainly carried out at conferences, in institutional contexts. In this case, the interpreters sitting in soundproof booths and using headsets, render a speech into their native language simultaneously.  This way, the audience, provided with a set of headphones, can listen to the talk at the same time it is spoken.

Also carried out simultaneously is whispered interpreting. Known as per its French name “chuchotage” –literally, whispering- in this occasion, the interpreter places herself/himself behind or beside the listener and whispers the translated message directly into her/his client’s ears.

Both these interpreting techniques are really demanding, requiring high levels of concentration, being carried out at the own speaker’s pace. For this reason, interpreters tend usually to take turns and swap with colleagues, to make sure that the quality of the translated message is maintained throughout their service.

A third kind of interpretation is known as consecutive interpreting. When this service is required the interpreter has to take quick notes of the message whilst the speaker is talking. The speaker then pauses every so often during the speech to allow the interpreter to transfer the meaning to the audience. Press conferences and conventions are typical communication events which work as a background to this kind of linguistic activity.

When negotiations are involved or it is necessary to mediate between a limited number of individuals speaking two different languages, bilateral interpreting is normally required. On this occasion, which is more for everyday events, the interpreter has to speak both the speakers’ languages to be able to transfer the meaning from a speaker to another.

Finally, when linguistic support is required urgently and no time is left to arrange a meeting with an interpreter, telephone interpreting can be an invaluable resource. The way in which this service works is really similar to the bilateral kind described above, the only difference being in the channel which is used to transfer the message – the phone.

Still confused about the kind of interpreting which would best suit your needs? Get In Touch

Tailored Language Strategy (for you)

We work alongside you to work out a strategy which will simplify and clarify the translation process entirely. Transparency is key.

We work out exactly what you need by gathering information from our Project Brief, and then propose how it can be achieved using a formula that works every time.

We always take into consideration the style, tone, register of the content but more importantly (yet often forgotten), the audience.

Think of it this way, you want the readers to understand your content and the content have the desired affect such as: to inform, excite, educate etc.

Nothing is left to chance and we ask you the right questions so you don’t have to

We'll Show You How It's Done

 We understand that even though you will be an expert in your industry, you probably aren’t one in ours. Well, that is fine and that’s what we are here for.   We simply need to understand what you are trying to achieve, who you are trying to reach and why. We then will work alongside you and make it happen.

We will match you with the very best in-country specialists that suit your business or brand and work alongside you to ensure that your audience understands exactly what you want them to. It may not be rocket science but when translation is carried out properly, you really see the benefits – quickly.


About the African Language

About the African Language and how it affects your Afrikaans Translation Services 

The African continent is rich in language and culture. It is estimated that there are around 3000 languages on the continent! It is essential that when translating into an African language, your translator has the experience and know-how. All our translators have at least 5 years’ experience, are qualified and registered translators, and only translate into their native language. This ensures that our translations are of the highest quality.

With many languages in Africa is it important to get it right! In South Africa, Afrikaans is spoken by 13.5% of the population, and is in the country’s top 3 most commonly spoken languages.

The language has roots from seventeenth century Dutch, but is influenced by many languages, including English, German, French, Portuguese and of course some African languages. Until the 19th Century, the language was only a spoken language, but now it is one of the major languages of Southern Africa, used in government, school and even national anthems. In 1933, the first complete translation of the bible was finished in Afrikaans.

Our Translation and Interpreting services work alongside many other specialist services and domains :






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Sharon and her team have provided us with an excellent translation and interpreting service, often with very little notice. They always meet our requests for assistance with immediate effect.

The service is friendly, accurate and extremely timely in delivery. They are true experts in their industry.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Alan Cowie

Manager, Swansea City

Afrikaans Translation Services
Afrikaans Translation Services