Game translation - Lingua TranslationsAnyone with an internet connection will probably recognise the title of this article, which has been hailed as being possibly the worst game translations ever to make its way into a video game (Zero Wing, 1989, in case you were wondering).

It found fame online, and has now become an internet phenomenon and all-round joke.

Hilarious though it is in this case, poor-quality translations like this can cause extreme embarrassment for a company (or indeed, individual).


In this case, it has caused a game which would probably have been long-forgotten by now (don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it was a very fun game, but we’re in 2011 now, and how many games from 1989 are still well-known today?) to live on into the next century – as an internet laughing stock.

The phrase is now often used as an exclamation of victory or superiority, and has now become so well known that it is frequently used as a snowclone.

Its use ranges from the fairly obvious: “All your database are belong to us” to those about anything and everything: “All your tax cuts are belong to us.” “All your coffee are belong to us.” And so on and so forth.

As funny as all this is, how would you feel if you saw the object of all your time, effort, and money being ridiculed online? Not too happy, I would imagine.

That is why it is imperative that you use a translation company you can trust completely, which knows exactly what your game translation requirements are, and has professional native speaking linguists and experts in the gaming industry.

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