Today is my last day at Lingua Translations, and I wanted to take this opportunity to write my last blog for the company, thanking all of my colleagues and managers for the valuable experience.

I entered into the Lingua Translations world not long after I had finished my Masters in Management Marketing and I soon discovered that the company is composed of individuals who are truly devoted to languages.

I grew up bilingual and I have always loved the English language. I managed to sculpt my life in a way that would give me access to languages and allow me to use them constantly. So as I like to say I am bilingual by birth and trilingual by choice!

I was quite surprised when stepping into the office to realise I was meeting only trilingual people! I had never of course thought that I was the only one, but I had never met so many trilingual people, even during my studies (a bachelors degree in foreign languages). Right then I knew I was surrounded by people with minds open to culture and that special ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’.

Anyway, enough said. I would like to thank the Lingua Translations ‘Dream Team’ for the support and friendship, you are all very wonderful and lovely people and I wish you all the best. I certainly hope that our paths will cross again!

And special thanks in particular go to Terry and Sharon, for welcoming me into the company, for giving me the chance to shine and to learn so many important things about the worlds of language and marketing.

I had a great time!