Audrey Hepburn…just her name can cause people to smile. Audrey is an icon for many generations and the love and admiration for her is usually passed from mother to daughter. Audrey is emblematic of femininity, beauty, elegance, talent and grace.

Being the muse of the fashion designer, Hubert de Givenchy, she was consistently elegantly dressed for many of her most popular movies, such as the unforgettable ‘Sabrina’ and ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, which contributed to creating her image and meaning she is now considered an immortal fashion icon.

A star both on and off screen! Before her Hollywood career started, Audrey saw the horrors of WWII and when she was 16 years old, as well as giving ballet performances to collect donations for the anti-Nazi effort, she volunteered as a nurse in a Dutch hospital.

Her charitable side has long survived her fame and she actively continued with charity work throughout her life, being given the position of Ambassador to the United Nations at UNICEF, where she helped in various countries, such as in Latin America and Africa from 1988.

Audrey won an Oscar for best actress following her role in ‘Roman Holiday’ in 1953 and she is one of the few performers that won an Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy and a Grammy Award in the span of a career.

But why is Audrey Hepburn also the language role model of the week?

Aside from all of those qualities for which we love her, Audrey was also able to speak several languages. Guess how many? 5!
These languages were Dutch/Flemish, English, Italian, French and Spanish.

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Her origins certainly played a major part in the creation of her talent for languages; indeed she descended from Dutch, English and Austrian heritage but overall her personal life, interest and charity work allowed her to develop the other language skills.

On some interviews with her speaking these foreign languages I can confirm that she was naturally fluent and graceful as ever. Moreover, personally I can attest that her Italian was impeccable.

Audrey was a strong, intelligent and determined person, she always humbly considered herself unprepared for many roles she was given, but she would study hard to develop the qualities she needed and gave a dazzling performance every time. This was probably her attitude toward languages as well.

Captivated? Surprised? If you would like to see a video with a few small sneak peaks of interviews given by Audrey in these languages, click here.