The Handmaiden

This year’s BAFTAs are over, and the winners have been announced. bafta 350x144This year the BAFTA for Film Not In The English Language went to The Handmaiden. The Handmaiden is based on the novel “Fingersmith”. The Handmaiden tells the story of a young maid hired by a con man to seduce a wealthy heiress. The thriller did very well to beat the other films to win the award.

Nominated for Film Not In The English Language 2018:


First They Killed My Father


The Salesman


Winning a BAFTA is huge for the Korean film industry, as it is the first Korean film to ever win at the BAFTAS – this will help skyrocket Korean films in the UK. Nominations for any film is great as people will go out to watch them as they are now in the spotlight. But it is even better for the country as a whole if a film is nominated as it helps the entire sector gain momentum.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, the nominations for the Oscar’s Best Foreign Film are out, and seeing both nominations together shows you how hard fought this prize is. Only 1 film made it to both nominations. That is Loveless from Russia. The Handmaiden did not make it to the final five for the Oscars. Then look at the Golden Globes from last month. Loveless was nominated, along with First They Killed My Father, but the winner came from France/ Germany. In The Fade, which was not nominated at either Oscars or BAFTAS. There are so many great international films out there these days for the awards ceremonies to spotlight.

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Are foreign language films gaining in popularity?

I might be a little biased, but I think they are. There are some spectacular films that have come from across the world. Let’s not forget about the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo franchise that was such a hit across the world. Hollywood decided to remake it only a few years later in English to make it more accessible to the English-speaking audience.  One of the films nominated this year ‘First They Killed My Father’ is from Cambodia and Angelina Jolie was involved in the creation of this film. That was a great boost for Cambodian films to have such a Hollywood heavyweight get involved in their films.


From us at Lingua Translations, a big congratulations to all who were nominated for a BAFTA. But a special congratulations for The Handmaiden and the first Korean winner!