As I can still feel the sand in my sandals while I’m writing these lines, I thought I’d give myself and the rest of the ‘back to work’ professionals a tad of motivation with a ‘snap out of holiday blues’ blog.

Had a great holiday? It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit out of place on your first day back at work after a lovely break. Help yourself snap out of holiday mode with a few simple tricks:

Plan more holidays. No, but seriously. The day you get back to work you should immediately plan for your next break. Plan something nice for the weekend – or even tonight. Give yourself something to look forward to.

Take it easy. Go out for lunch and, if possible, have regular tea and coffee breaks throughout the day. Splitting the working day up into little parts can help make your adjustment smoother. Meet up with your work friends and share your holiday gossip.

Organise yourself. Prioritising is your best ally against a panic attack on your first day back to work. Embrace this valuable defense mechanism and listen to the voice of reason saying that you cannot take care of everything here and now. Write a to-do list and use your own effective methods to plan your week. Don’t rush into tasks without thinking them through and deciding why you have to do them now. Always allow yourself some time for readjustment.

Check that you’re up to date. Organise a meeting with your managers to go over what everyone else has been doing while you were working on speeding up your tanning process. Make sure that you’re fully aware of any changes to routine processes, as well as any new tasks and responsibilities you need to assume. Finding out about new exciting deals and a bit of work gossip will also help get you back in office mood, for sure 🙂

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Check that you’re still happy with your job. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life, the saying goes. Taking a break from work is always a good opportunity to revise your overall career goals and what you want from your job. If the very idea of your workload makes you fed up or stressed, then you need to take responsibility to change things. Try to think of new ways of doing things – you don’t have to get back into the same old routine. On the other hand, drawing such conclusions on your first day back is never a good idea. Give yourself time to adjust back to your day job and make sure any decisions you’re about to make are thought-through.

Spice up your day job. Ever wanted to learn new skills? Then take matters into your own hands and find out how you can achieve what you really want. Talk to your boss and explore new opportunities. Find out from your employers if they subsidise any training and research what skills could boost your CV.