Your dream wedding abroad…….Don’t get lost in translation

Your first thought is the dress, of course, and then the venue. While potential hubby is ruminating on the pros and cons of a stag do in Prague, you are mulling over the big one. Where to have it? His parents live in a cul-de-sac in Birmingham, hardly inspirational. Your parents have a fabulous house on the Gower, but that would mean your 300 freeloading distant half cousins would HAVE to be invited (on pain of ex-communication from your mother.) The logical conclusion to this wedding quandary? Let’s go abroad, far away enough that even the most unwanted wedding guests would not spend the money to travel, even for a free bar.

The warm sunshine glinting off an azure sea, bare feet and flowers as opposed to fur wraps and showers. What could be nicer? You must ensure that the ceremony is in English, or at least hire an interpreter, so you do not commit to vows that may include permanently being responsible for putting the bins out and always give up the front seat of the car for the mother in law. There have been several examples where the disgruntled official has insulted the bride and groom in their native tongue, and bilingual guests have discovered the insults whilst watching the wedding video

Cost wise, it can reduce the wedding guest list by 50%, so even with travel and hotel costs, you can still make substantial savings. As a UK National, you would need to contact the local authorities in the country where you want to get married to find out what you need to do. The majority of the necessary documents, birth certificates, marriage & divorce documents, may need to be translated. At Lingua Translations we handle many certified translations and have your documents ready before the ink is dry on your passport applications!

If you would like some advice on sourcing the right interpreter, and ensuring you have the correct translated documentation for you big day, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01792 469990.

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