I have now joined Lingua Translations, hailed for its success at home and abroad. It is abundantly clear that their role within the industry is not just one of providing an excellent language translation service to its customers but, it encompasses much more than this. Lingua Translations is actively involved in the community, striving to encourage language learning and professional development within the translation industry.

My passion for languages comes from an existence of languages in my life since a young age. My father had been uttering various phrases in the French language to me as a child, and this planted a seed very early on.

Later, I would complete an MA Translation degree at Swansea University, where I continued to grow from strength to strength linguistically and culturally. In many ways, French culture has always been a part of me. The pinnacle of my immersion into the French language and culture came while I was on my year abroad in Besançon, where I was able to live and breathe the language and culture of the Franc-comtois.

Project management came much later, during the course of my MA degree at Swansea, where I was able to explore an exciting new avenue in which to put my linguistic and cultural capabilities into practice on a daily basis. Swansea has provided the perfect platform from which to grow professionally and linguistically.

Joining a young company like Lingua Translations is a very exciting new chapter in my life, where my passion for language and culture will continue to be at the forefront every day. Our Managing Director, Sharon Stevens, remains just as focused now as she has ever been, continuing to educate those with a passion for languages and nurture budding translation professionals.

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I am really excited to work with the ‘Dream Team’ as they say in the office.