Whether you are looking for a technical, medical or legal braille translation, or a simple letter, we can help you.

Braille allows visually impaired people to attain a higher level of literacy which in turn provides self-esteem and a higher chance of securing a job.

Braille in day to day life is vital to allow visually impaired people to be independent of others and provides an ‘active’ form of reading and writing. Simple things such as Braille labels for food and equipment have allowed this to happen.

The Braille system has been adapted to many languages including Chinese. It is also used in maths, music, chess, computing and science. Progress in technology means that today Braille is available in different forms. Braille software programmes and portable electronic Braille note takers allows users to write, read and keep records of their information which can then be displayed back to them verbally or tactually. They can also produce a hard copy with specialist Braille embossers. Braille displays, handheld talking GPS, calculators and labelling systems are all examples of how much Braille technology has progressed since the system was created in the 19th century.

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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched, but just felt in the heart.” –
Helen Keller, 1891

“Louis Braille created the code of raised dots for reading and writing that bears his name and brings literacy, independence, and productivity to the blind.” – Bob Ney