Business Etiquette in France

Creating the right impression in the business context is key when clinching that final deal, or sealing a new position at a leading enterprise. This is why learning the business etiquette in France should not be overlooked.

Perhaps the most important piece of information that you must retain would be the use of Monsieur or Madame when addressing people. Of course, this type of formality is imperative if you wish to create a lasting impression.

What is potentially of equal importance is the necessity of introducing yourself with your full name. Furthermore, it is just as important to be as presentable as you can possibly be, as first impressions can easily be drawn from scruffy-looking individuals.

If you are new to France, and are struggling to get to grips with the variety of different gestures that their customs demand, the best thing to do is to embrace everything. Those who are new to French culture and customs might be apprehensive in light of this, but I can assure you, from personal experience, that you might find yourself getting a much better reception.

According to the Telegraph’s Business Etiquette and Protocol, another further means to impressing the French is to have your business card translated into French. As you might expect, this most certainly goes some way as to demonstrating your business acumen.

Those who wish to conduct business in France should also expect to receive probing questions and interruptions. Fear not, as this is simply what the French regard as taking an active interest in the conversation – consider it a compliment!

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Lastly, as one might expect, it essential that there must be a clear division between your professional and personal life. After all, although this might seem fairly obvious, the divide can often be rather blurred.

So long as you are ready to embrace the new culture and environment in which you are conducting business, and apply initiative, you will have what it takes to succeed in France.

Do you have any experience of conducting business in France? If so, how did you conduct yourself? We’d love to hear what you think.