Here’s a true story that might make you think about whether business translation services are for you.

A little while ago, we were told about a letter one of our customers had received from one of their readers, thanking them for providing their publication in German. The letter said that the reader didn’t really need a translation, as he knew English quite well, but that the fact that they had gone to the effort to provide one showed that they cared about their target audience. Now, while it’s great to hear things like this about the work we produce, it also raises an important point.

Some companies will read the part that says that the reader would have got by fine without the translation, and think “what a waste of money, paying business translators when most people speak English anyway!” Others, like our customer, will think that providing good customer care is paramount, and that offering literature and services in their target markets’ own languages fits naturally into this.

So, when deciding whether you need commercial translation, you really have to ask yourself which type of business you run. Although, if your main priority is the bottom line, it may be worth pointing out that only an estimated 25-30% of web users actually speak English, so by foregoing business translations, you may be missing out on more of the market than you think.

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