Brazilian Portuguese translation and interpretingWhether you exporting abroad or doing business in an English hamlet, aside from the legal practicalities, the bureaucracy and, of course, the language, business etiquette varies from place to place.

Each country has its own way of doing business. Some cold, calm and collected, some others more personal and heartfelt. However, if you’re planning to set up shop or export to a foreign country a prior knowledge of their customs and culture can not only score you brownie points with locals, but help you secure that all important business deal.

So what about Brazil? 

According to an article on there are four ways to avoid “killing a deal” in Brazil.

Be open minded and remain unbiased about the best way to do business – whether you believe that Brazil does it all wrong and your country has the key to business success, iy would be unwise to push this point. With a heavy US influence you may find some Brazilians may prefer to adopt the more Western business practices where as some companies operate using traditional Brazilian business etiquette.

Don’t discuss business over lunch. As is true in many countries, lunchtime in Brazil is a time for relaxing, enjoying a meal at a leisurely pace and spending time together sharing stories and discussing non-work related topics.

– Do drink coffee if you are offered it. Coffee is important in Brazil, of course if you really can’t bring yourself to drink it then it’s not the end of the world but you may well be seen as impolite if you refuse the drink.

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Don’t be oblivious to certain cultural etiquette and gestures. Words such as ‘gringo’ may well seem offensive but in Brazil they aren’t. The OK sign made with your hands however, is considered insulting. The traditional way to greet for men and women in Brazil is two or three kisses, while men great each other with a hand shake.

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