So this week – as already mentioned in my last blog – we had our translation week!

Again, we did a group project and set up little project management tasks for each other to translate the content of the website online in WordBee. It was a smooth little teamwork there and also practise makes perfect (in German the proverb goes Übung macht den Meister) and it’s so true!

This leads me to the fact, that I haven’t told you about my cycling to work which I do every day unless there is heavy rain. And as we discussed in the office, in an office job, which usually involves a lot of sitting, a one-hour workout is good. So my cycling which takes me back and forth each half an hour is exactly what I need to keep my healthy life balance.

But back to more work-related topics, we weren’t only in-house translators this week, but kept our duties in recruitment to help with project management and deadlines can be really tight sometimes, which needs time management and organisational skills plus a cool head to juggle around different tasks and tackle difficulties when they come up.

Also, Sharon gave us some more website management trick and tips, so we could update the company’s website. WordPress is a great tool to arrange websites and it’s fun to create blogs and edit webpages for translation.

Looking forward to a new project management week now!