Week 1 – Check!

This is my first week in a translation agency as an in-house intern!

I am excited, eager and positive!

It very much feels like I have reached a milestone starting this internship. I remember the day when I was working as a language teacher and applied for a master’s degree. Swansea University was my first choice, because of the internship! I was imagining the day I could start working in a translation agency to see if that’s something I want to do in the future. Since my ideal career would be working with languages! And here we are! A bit more than a year after my decision I am sitting in the office of Lingua Translations. The moment of truth… Working as an intern and receiving a deep understanding of the world of translation and there are only three words to describe this. I love it!

It’s been a week now since I started here. Since then I haven’t come home without a big smile on my face looking back at each day and remembering how much I have done and learned on that particular day. So let me tell you more about my week. To give you an insight how it feels to be an intern at Lingua Translations and what we actually do here. Now that the first week is finishing, I can’t emphasise enough on how happy I am to be doing this internship here at Lingua Translations. Looking curiously forward to my second week!

Day 1 jitters!

On my first day, I got introduced to my timetable by the helpful and sweet Emma and the knowledgeable and joyful Adrian. Not only that we would be translating Lingua Translations’ own website and brochure, but we would also work with e-books. As well as learning a new translation management software and dive into areas such as recruitment and project management. It sounded all so thrilling! What could I ask for more on the first day than having the possibility to look into all these different areas of a translation company.

The office, my new workplace situated in Swansea Marina, is in a lovely area where you can smell the sea breeze. You can enjoy the view of various differently shaped yachts in the dock, and on a sunny day have the impression as if you were on holiday in a seaside resort.

In the office itself, one can immediately feel the international spirit when entering the friendly and cosy office space. There are colourful national flags and the rhythmic background music playing every day a different radio station. Which makes us metaphorically travel around the world. Besides, it is such a good way to keep up with language skills! For example, today we were listening to a French radio station. Having learned French in school it was lovely to listen to the lyrics and the news to explore how much I could understand. What a brilliant way to keep up with what I have learned and be able to practise my language skills!

Foreign music teachings

So my first lesson learned in Lingua Translations was only within a couple of minutes: practise your language skills by listening to foreign background music. Even you are focused on work, the brain will always pick up something. Moreover, the music made us nod if not dance in front of our laptops while translating. This has led to lesson two: never think it is boring in a translation office just because it is an office! We are having an uplifting time while doing professional work!

At the moment, we are three interns… but since we started with a translation task it feels like a little in-house translation team. It’s a wonderful experience to be with colleagues who are as passionate about languages, cultures, and translation as I am.

And let’s not forget Lingua Translations’ operations manager Sharon Stephens. She is such an enthusiastic language lover. Sharon has introduced us to the world of translation with interesting talks. As well as various explanations on how the company works and the industry in general. This has given us interns a very useful first-hand overview how the wind blows.

Now that the first week is finishing, I can’t emphasise enough on how happy I am. Doing this internship here at Lingua Translations has been great. Interesting, exciting and fascinating. Looking curiously forward to my second week! Bring it on!