So this has been my second last week and the internship is coming to an end!

Three months have gone so fast and the amount of what I have experienced and learned is just so incredibly valuable, but I will keep that for my last blog as I want to tell you more about this week.

This week I moved downstairs again. The huge project I was managing last week has finally been finished and all other ongoing projects finalized, so it was time to go back to recruitment and uploading our blogs on the website as usual. Moreover, I finally had some time to finish off my research and write up my topic for the eBook.

Also Sharon introduced us to Quality Control within the company and the features of Acrobat DC – an amazing tool where you can convert PDF into Word and even edit PDFs itself. Learning new skills such as these are one of those amazing experiences I value the most. Once learned you have them for a life-time.

Last but not least, I received a promotion! I am officially Assistant Project Manager now! Feels good to get rewarded after working hard and trying to do your best. Besides, it motivates to strive for more. Thank you, Sharon!

I am now looking forward to my last week as an intern – unbelievable, it has nearly been 3 months now and there are only a few days left!