My last week at Lingua Translations as an Intern!

My internship is coming to an end! I had a really good time with the lovely team of Lingua Translations and my fellow interns. On this occasion, I want to wish good luck to my fellow interns: Abdullah, Elodie and Naomie. Good luck with your future career path and hope you all do very well!

Coming back to my reflection of my internship. It’s been an exciting time with all the new experiences I have gained. The challenges and obstacles I have tackled, the lovely people I have met and e-met. All the things I have learned and the rewards and atmosphere that I have experienced.

It’s been an amazing journey over the last 3 months!

From learning about website management and writing blogs to project management. Invoicing and quoting, recruiting, customer service, creating e-books and a survey, translating and proofreading, and quality control. These are all precious and valuable memories and skills for the future.

In fact, now I have reached another milestone after accomplishing this internship and achieved more than I have expected on a professional level which is an incredible feeling. I can only recommend to everyone to do an internship as it gives the best insight into the industry. Learning by doing – because no matter how much one reads and learns in the end, you have to put your hands on and try the things you read and learned. That’s exactly what we did in Lingua Translations and I appreciate a lot this opportunity I had. It’s been an amazing journey over the last 3 months. The last few days went so quickly, but I wouldn’t change a thing! Who knows what the future might hold … 🙂 Looking forward to using my new experience to help me with the future!