My second week at Lingua Translations. Another inspiring week, full of different tasks!

I’d like to start by comparing the unique weather here in the UK. Its beauty of having thunder and lightning, rain and sunshine combined with a colourful rainbow on the horizon at the same time. Comparing that to a day or week at Lingua Translations with exciting, challenging, colourful, vibrant and multicultural job requests. It never feels like routine and makes you look forward to the next day.

To begin with one of those tasks, the website I was translating last week from English into German finally went live. Hooray, hurra! If you feel like reading a bit Deutsch why not explore our German website. You can do that in Spanish and French too. We are still in the process of updating the website and there is more to come. I am more than happy to receive any constructive feedback and suggestions, so feel free to leave comments. It’s such a great feeling and proud achievement for any translator having his or her translation being officially published. However, as a busy bee, I am already focusing on another translation for the website.

Let me also share my newest and most challenging task this week with you. Namely recruiting linguists for the company! Having been in the shoes of a job seeker many times before. It was really interesting to see the process from the other side of the coin. Once you discover and start to understand the opposite aspect of the business it gives you food for thought and an aha moment

Hunting for the perfect translator

Translators or translation agencies must put themselves in the shoes of a customer when delivering language services. Like in any other business, it is important to know the expectations and requirements of the customer and once this is understood a high-quality product (eg. a translation) can be achieved. This is the same concept for any recruiter who has to think what is best for the company and choose the job applicants wisely, looking carefully at their profiles and CVs, verifying references, etc. and especially here in Lingua Translations we follow one of the strictest recruitment processes in the industry, because we aim to select only qualified and experienced linguists. And here I am from being a job seeker myself to recruiting my first linguist for the company!

Another exciting task was conducting a survey as a team with Elodie and Naomie, my lovely fellow interns. The survey is meant to be sent to businesses to ask about their experiences and expectations in the translation industry. We are hoping to gain some statistical and factual results through our research to provide our customers with useful and relevant information for their businesses in the form of an e-book. So here you see, between translating, proofreading, recruiting, writing blogs, I am also involved in researching.

See you again in a week for more updates and news!