Third week already!

As Emma pointed out, it feels like we interns are here for a long time! In other words, we have settled in really well and quickly and that’s due to the friendliness, the warm welcome and the trust in this office.

Recruitment, recruitment, and more on customer service, plus working on our eBook as a team with newly joined and kind intern Abdullah.

Something on translation technology and localisation, plus my personal goal of achieving a good work-life balance!

Cycling to work! A wonderful way to keep a healthy work-life balance! Especially since I am cycling next to the picturesque seaside. Overlooking the beach and hearing the waves crushing the shore. Besides, it is faster than the bus and keeps me fit. Who knows maybe I will be starting a new trend here!

Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment

So, this week I was doing lots and lots recruitment again, especially trying to find telephone interpreters for a special assignment. And let me tell you: there is nothing more important than a friendly and respectful quality customer service. Now that I am doing this the second week, I feel that I am getting faster and more professional. I have been selecting and contacting new recruits, going through CVs, writing emails, sending NDAs, asking for references and updating the company’s database.

By the way, let me also give you a little tip for freelancers who are looking to work with a translation agency: a well-presented, neat and correct CV plus a quick response (in addition to the asked requirements, of course) will give you more chances to get recruited! It just shows how professional you are as a freelance translator.


Regarding translation technologies, I had to finish my brochure translation in WordBee, our dedicated CAT tool. However, a file had to be fixed in the software. Everyone who works with a CAT tool knows that translation technology has its ups and downs. Sometimes it can be as little as a wrong extension. Other times the programme just doesn’t seem to accept certain things and give error messages. So with the help of lovely Natalia, our project manager who is based in South America, we were trying to fix segments in the original source file. This was by exporting it as a Word file and then exporting it back to WordBee to fix the issue and guess what, in the end it worked! Yay!

Apart from that, I was looking into localisation and revising and updating the German version of our website. Also, another focus was given to creating a content for our upcoming eBooks. In order to collect and compare ideas, a meeting with the other interns was initiated. Topics we would like to include in these eBooks were also discussed. And like in any project management, it is good to have a general concept and a guideline to follow. This means everyone knows and feels confident about what they are doing. Also, each of us will specialise in a field. In case you are curious, I will be specialising in the medical and pharmaceutical field. Therefore I am currently reading about things such as clinical trials, what IVR stands for, different medical fields such as nephrology and ophthalmology and translations for partially impaired persons such as Braille.

Looking forward to the next week with new tasks and challenges, ready to fill my brain with knowledge and experiences.