1 month done and dusted…

It’s been a month now and time passes so fast, but I feel I have learned so much already!

This week, I’ve been looking into WordPress and learning how to create websites and upload texts and images! Exciting! I always wanted to know how to do these things and now finally I can do it and I find it really fascinating! Can’t wait to try and learn more and look into InDesign.

Also our ebooks are progressing as we were able to decide on the general content as a team. And also my translation of the Lingua Translations brochure looks amazing! It just feels good to look at a finished product and having contributed to it! Yay!

Besides, I feel I am getting better and better in recruitment, now that it has been a couple of weeks. I know how to separate the wheat from the chaff and find only the best translators and interpreters for our company. That involves a lot of social and communication skills and I always try to be friendly and reply quick. By the way, our Greek interpreters project is looking good.

Moreover, I am looking forward to start project management! I was already so curious about it that I asked my colleague to explain me a few things as she was lucky enough to be the first to start learning about project management.

I guess one cannot do everything, although everything sounds exciting! Looking forward to the next week and next month! I am sure it will bring so much more experiences.