Week 5

The world in your hands … I am managing projects!!!

I must say, I didn’t expect it to be such an exciting experience, dealing with quotes, invoices and purchase orders, managing projects in our dedicated software (WordBee), filling out management forms – it all needs organisation and an eye for detail! And once you manage a project from beginning till the end, you can see how many steps are involved in one simple project …. and now imagine that there are even multiple languages.

Some days are more busy than others, but they are never the same!

Also, I like getting in touch with our clients, taking care of them, their requests and corresponding with our translators from so many different places all over the world. It all requires interpersonal skills and a friendly but professional approach. And as lucky as I am, all my interactions have been so kind and responsive so far, even asking me how I am doing as an intern in the company. This is an amazing experience! Some days are more busy than others, but no one is ever the same.