Half way through… Wow, it’s half time in my internship at Lingua Translations!

Let me re-cap this half-time for a moment. One and a half months ago, I had not much of a clue how a translation agency really worked. Now I have reached a point where I obtained insider knowledge of how things are done in a translation company.

This week was again full of translating, proofreading, project managing, quoting, invoicing, desktop publishing, organising and recruiting. I remember a morning I came to work and had to multitask three different jobs at the same time. It is crazy to say I loved doing that; to keep things under control, in a stressful situation, being organised and focused.

For a perfectionist – or as I call it, a person with a keen eye for detail – there is nothing like feeling like a fish in the water when it comes to proofreading a translation. That’s where this skill comes more than useful, because a keen eye for detail helps a lot and is indispensable when it comes to having a final look at the end product of a translation. In my case, I had to proofread Lingua Translations’ brochure which was designed in InDesign. A very useful and interesting desktop publishing tool I am hoping to learn more about. Therefore transferring the text to the software would change some bits of the text especially the spelling when separating words.

Half-time: From “old school” to modern DTP and swimming like a fish in the water with useful insider knowledge

Also, another lesson learned this week is that not everything is always solvable by modern technology! Sometimes one would just need to do things “old school style”. Literally conduct a word count of a document manually, literally counting word for word, because the original sent from the client did not have a good resolution and a software programme wouldn’t be able to read it.

And last but not least, I’ve learned ‘A tidy database, a tidy work’– or as the German saying says Organisation ist das halbe Leben (lit. ‘organisation is half of the life’). This week we had another side project as in organising the company’s database. This gave me the opportunity to get to know our translators better, their CVs, names, specialisations etc. and by sorting existing suppliers in areas of their specialisation it would be easier to find the most relevant supplier for a current project.

Let’s see what the next half-time brings!