From being called upstairs, and once learned, you will never forget, to a smile being more appreciated than money!

When you get called upstairs …. you know time will pass very fast and you will be project managing!

That’s exactly what I was doing this week. It’s been a while since I was upstairs, but I was surprised how much I remembered. It is a bit like cycling, you won’t ever forget it, and once you remember how to do it, it goes smoothly again.

Also, it was another week practising customer service over the phone and email and as our survey conducted via SurveyMonkey (in Week 2) showed, the majority of our customers preferred the friendliness of our service over the price, so we can confidently say quality over quantity and that’s what this company stands for. It’s been a successful and busy week in project management!

So it was another week of testing my skills to work under time pressure and multitasking different job requests. I remember getting in this urgent task one hour before closing time and it was supposed to be done by the next morning. We were splitting the task between my colleagues to be more efficient and in the end I managed to find the appropriate translators and assign them the jobs within an hour. I am pretty proud of myself to have managed that so successfully and also thankful to our lovely, fast responding translators who do an amazing job, because without them all of this wouldn’t work so well.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Another task this week, besides doing further translations for the company’s website, was to focus on the eBooks. We have set ourselves a deadline to finish our specific topics, so we can go on to the layout and then publish them.

Only three more weeks left! Looking forward to another project management week. It’s fascinating!