Collins Dictionary confirms its word of the year *

We all saw this coming. The 2017 word of the year according to Collins is… drumroll please….. Fake News!!

Granted, yes Fake News is technically two words… But these two words have merged into one since June 2016. You could even go so far to say this is the most overused word of the year to go with it. The term has had a 365% increase in usage in the past year. Collins themselves have said Fake News has had an “ubiquitous presence” over the past year.

The word will be printed in the newest edition of the UK Collins Dictionary. It will be defined as “false, often sensational, information disseminated under the guise of news reporting”.

What do we all think about this? Last year the word of the year was post-truth. This year its fake news. It’s incredible to think how much politics effects our vocabulary.  Some of the other entries for word of the year included Echo Chamber, Antifa, and Corbynmania which has a 310% increase in usage.

Well, back to the gold medal winner!

It was only a few weeks ago that Trump declared that he invented the word Fake. Here’s a snippet of what he said on television recently. “The media is really, the word, one of the greatest of all [the] terms I’ve come up with, is ‘fake’ … I guess other people have used it perhaps over the years, but I’ve never noticed it”.

This etymology was disputed by the dictionary. Dictionaries and historians have confirmed the word fake can be found from the 19th century. The word fake was in ‘A New and Comprehensive Vocabulary of the Flash Language’ compiled by James Hardy Vaux in 1819 – so the word has been around for quite some time. And its history might be a bit older than that as well! Oxford Dictionary dates the word to 1775. So, there you go…. A brief history of the word.

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This word has been the topic of many debates! So, it is not surprising that it’s been given the title word of the year. Or overused word of the year. I’m sure it’ll win both! Looks like we can look back at 2017 as a year of Fake News.