Consecutive Interpreting or also known as Court Interpreting



Lingua Translations offers high-quality Consecutive Interpreting Services in over 250 language combinations. Here we explain how it all works and of course, should you have any questions then do get in touch and we will offer our expert guidance and assistance.

How Consecutive Interpreting Works

The interpreter speaks only once the source language speaker has finished speaking.

The interpreter locates himself beside the source language speaker, and takes notes whilst listening to the section of speech.

When the speaker arrives at the end of the section, the interpreter then relays a portion of the message or the whole message in the target language.

Consecutive Interpreting can be rendered through “short consecutive interpreting” or “long consecutive interpreting”. In short consecutive interpreting, the interpreter uses memory alone, since each message segment is kept brief. In long consecutive interpreting, the interpreter writes notes in order to aid the rendering of long passages.

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