We do more than just translation | Lingua Translations 305 × 275Most of you translators out there will know exactly what I am talking about when I say that this is one of the days when I feel that my spine has taken the shape of a question mark. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to look at a few simple ways to tackle the effects of desk-jobs and stay healthier while working those long hours:

Take frequent breaks
…and don’t use those breaks to check your social media updates. Breaks from work are not meant to distract you from your workload, but on the contrary, they aim at helping you unclog your brain and resume work with a clearer head. There’s one magic key word which is your best friend and ally in this, and it’s no other than oxygen. Use these precious 15 minutes off your desk-job to breathe some fresh air, stretch your legs and arms, take a short walk and do anything else that will help you feel refreshed. Walking up to the fridge is NOT the answer.

Move your body
Contrary to how your limbs might feel after you’ve spent 8 hours (and counting) sitting in front of a screen, your arms and legs are made for moving. Therefore, after you’ve delivered this 25,000 words translation about spark plugs, it makes sense to try and engage in making things with your hands (crafts, cooking, gardening, to name a few), talking to your friends (yep, the flesh-and-bone ones), being outside, or doing anything that’s different than what you’ve been doing for the last [insert your working hours here] hours.

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There is no big secret here, as you’re probably aware of the benefits of water consumption for your body. What you might be particularly interested in is that water also reduces the implication of dry eyes due to screen-staring. Try to drink at least two water bottles each day. Good news is that tea and coffee also count as water consumption, but in no case do they substitute the real thing. Go fill your glass now, please!

Treat your eyes with kindness as you cannot do without
Your eyes don’t particularly enjoy staring at screens all day. Contact lenses might perfect your appearance but they’re most likely to wear your eyes off when you’re passing half of your day in front of a computer screen. Give your eyes a break by occasionally wearing glasses instead of contacts or at least keep some rewetting drops on hand.

Buy a plant for your office space
Apart from being nice and colourful, they clean the air, decrease stress and improve productivity.