Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Lingua Translations specialises in typesetting translation documentation and materials in any language. We offer a wide range of Desktop Publishing solutions which are carried out by our experienced technical translation experts.

Desktop Publishing, or DTP as it is more commonly known, is the process by which materials are prepared for publishing, using page layout and graphic design.

DTP is often necessary in the translation of documents involving artwork and graphic design because the translation of documents from one language to another can have a considerable impact on the layout. For example, translating from English into French would mean an increase in the target word count and therefore your document would have to be adapted either by making more space or decreasing the font size.

Translating into Chinese could result in a text that is up to 70% shorter due to the compact nature of this language! Sometimes the localisation of images that contain translatable text will also be required, (for example, Arabic requires the content of some images to be reversed because the language reads from right to left) which can easily be accommodated by our seasoned Desktop Publishing professionals.