The way you read has an impact on your physical and mental health. Nowadays, with the technology in our hands, e-books have become a popular way of reading and have replaced, somehow, the old-fashioned paper books. I will mention in this article some advantages and disadvantages of both e-books and paper books.


  • E-books can be read anywhere on anything.

It is now really easy to carry your own library in your pocket. No more heavy bags, back pain, lost books and waiting days to get your books or only having a certain amount of time to read them and return them to the library on time.

  • Expensive reading

E-books can cost too much and it is not affordable for everyone. The cost is divided into acquiring the device and getting the books you want. Not everyone has the money to get an electronic device and much less to pay for books to read as well. In this case, it’s so much easier to borrow books in the library.


  • Restful sleep

Using laptops or phones late at night can mean you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Reading an old-fashioned book can actually help you sleep better. It can clear your mind and it doesn’t affect your vision with a bright light from the pages of the book, which can happen with some e-readers. Putting away your electronic devices and focusing on a paper book creates singularity in focus.

  • Heavy reading

There are some 6,000-pages books that are extremely heavy. Sometimes it is difficult to carry more than one book at a time. Those people who travel a lot and want to read have previously had to deal with the difficulty of transporting one or more books.

In conclusion, and based on my point of view, reading an old-fashioned paper book may seem out of style or impractical, but you shouldn’t underestimate the sensation of holding a physical book in your hands.