Here we are! End of week 2 already. Time flies when you’re busy doing interesting things!

“Multitasking”. One of the most important skills a Project Manager must have, besides keeping calm and carrying on! This week I had the opportunity to practice that skill: I had to juggle translating and proofreading the brochure of the company, Project Management training on Wordbee, creating a survey for clients and doing a bit of domain research.

We also started to recruit translators to expand the company’s database. This week, I did not recruit as much as I wanted to, as I was busy with translating and other activities. But that’s alright; I still have more than 2 months to do that! I enjoyed trying to find translators with the most random requirements, such as English to Italian translators with a passion for guitars! This shows how dedicated the people at Lingua Translations are in finding the most suitable linguist to meet their customers’ expectations. The company is also very strict concerning the selection process: any linguist must have minimum 5 years’ experience, translate into his mother tongue only, live in his native language country, and be able to provide at least 2 references from customers.

Naomie and Claudia (my awfully adorable fellow interns, remember?) and I also had to create a survey for Lingua Translations. This survey should be focused on what determines the choice of a company when searching for a translation agency. We’ll discuss all of that next week!

Oh and by the way, I am pleased to tell you that I have received very good feedback on my website translation! I am still surprised and very excited that it has been chosen as the official French translation for the company’s website, and I am looking forward to see the French version of the brochure as well.

So to sum up, a very good week 2, as exciting as the first one! And as if it couldn’t be any better, I have also discovered that there is a Starbucks nearby the office! Cappuccino, here I come.

A bientôt!