My first week as an intern at Lingua Translations turned out to be much better than expected!

What did I expect, you may ask? Well, essentially a stressful environment, in an agency where employees are too focused on their job to pay attention to me, and ask me to complete tasks that are completely irrelevant to what I’m studying! Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit.

Still, I really was nicely surprised by how friendly and helpful the team have been to me, and what we have been asked to do so far. The atmosphere is really relaxed here, almost homey, although you can tell that people are really busy and hard working. They always take the time to answer any questions or doubts we may have, in between phone calls from their customers or linguists. And most importantly, we also get to choose the music in the office (and people seem to have very good taste so far!).

This week I have been assigned to translate the company’s website into French, my native language. I have just sent my translation for revision, and if everything goes well, it could become the official French translation for their website. How exciting is that?! Any experience is good to take, and this one could definitely be a plus for my CV. Speaking about experience, we were also told that in a few weeks, we will have a try at project management and help the team to recruit linguists.

I am really looking forward to all that as I would love to start my career in a translation agency!

The downside of it all, you may also ask? There isn’t any! Except maybe, working with my two awfully adorable fellow interns. No, really, there isn’t any.

A bientôt!