End of Week 10, what a week!

This week, I have experienced the other side of Project Management. The stressful (yet, exciting) one.

All the conditions were ready for a cocktail of adrenaline. Take one of the busiest weeks I have ever experienced, add a bit of linguists on holiday and/or hard to reach, and mix it with a missing Project Manager! Adrian is on a well-deserved holiday. Shake it all well and serve it really hot!

It was also the first time I had to manage a project involving 14 different languages. To name them, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Arabic and Farsi. I had a bit of a hard time finding translators for this project since a lot of them were on holiday. I also had a few technical problems, but I managed to finish this project on time and on budget.

Team work was even more important this week and I would like to thank Natalia for her “overseas” help. I’d also like to mention Emma who is always here to help even in the busiest and most stressful moments. And of course, Claudia and Abdullah who helped as well, great team!

A bientôt!