All good things must come to an end…

These 3 months have been great and fun, and looking back to my first day of internship, I realise now how much I have learned and the impact that this internship will have on my future professional career.

I was organising my folders this morning when I found the small paragraph I wrote on the day of my interview at Lingua Translations. I had just met Emma and Adrian who were really nice to me and put me at ease. Sharon couldn’t attend the interview so she had the good idea of asking all applicants to write a small paragraph about what they expect from this internship and what career plans they have for the future. Here is what I was hoping to take from my internship:

  • Learn more about the inside of a translation agency, and the translation industry
  • Learn more about Project Management and hopefully manage some projects
  • Get more experience in translation, especially website localisation
  • Become more specialised in a translation domain

I realise now how much I have learned and the impact that this internship will have on my future professional career.

During these past 3 months, I’ve managed to do all that and more:

  • I have learned the ins and outs of the industry
  • I have managed a few projects on my own
  • I have translated the company’s website and brochure
  • I have conducted domain research for the e-book project
  • I have also recruited linguists, and I have done a bit of blogging and website management
  • I have developed my communication skills and become more confident

My plans for the future were to start my career in a translation agency as an in-house translator, gain experience and work freelance after a few years. I was thinking about Project Management as well, but was not sure whether I would enjoy it. Learning Project Management in a friendly and stress-free atmosphere made me realise that PM is a very exciting job and could be a real career option!

I am still surprised by how kind and helpful everyone has been to me, and I would like to thank Emma, Adrian and Sharon for their support and their awesomeness throughout the whole 3 months. I couldn’t have imagined a better agency to learn! I would also like to thank my 3 awfully adorable fellow interns, especially Abdullah and Claudia with whom I had a lot of fun. What a team!

I know that I am supposed to tell you all “au revoir”, but life is full of opportunities and surprises, and I don’t like goodbyes so…

A bientôt!