My 3rd week was again very exciting. I had the opportunity to begin my Project Management training!

I must admit, although I really wanted to try managing projects, I did not know whether I would enjoy it or not. The perspective was both exciting and daunting.

A friend of mine, who used to be Project Manager, told me that the #control freak #perfectionist part of me would really enjoy it. He was right! This position requires a lot of organisation as well as an unusual enjoyment for keeping track and noting down everything. On top of that, you need to have good interpersonal skills. Yes, I am still working on my email-writing and phone-answering skills and as mentioned last week! You also have to have nerves of steel!

My first day as a PM trainee was a bit stressful. You know, the unpleasant feeling of not knowing anything and being a burden for the person who has to train you on top of thousands of other work-related duties? We’ve all been there! Luckily for me, Emma was really patient and took the time to show me everything. She is awesome!

This experience has really broadened my career options. I am now considering applying for PM jobs after graduating.

I am getting more and more confident every day and I have learned a lot so far, from generating quotes for clients to creating Purchase Orders (PO) for linguists and generating invoices. Next week, if all goes well, I may even start managing projects on my own!

In parallel I have also been doing some domain research for an e-book project for the company (last week’s survey should be part of it). I have chosen the travel and leisure industry. As I have previous professional experience in this field and it could be a good way to start specialising in this area of translation.

See you next week, à bientôt!