Week 6- Elodie

End of week 6…already!

This week, I:

  • Continued recruitment for the big upcoming project, and met some really nice translators;
  • Performed a small speech at a conference in Uni about my internship experience and how internships can help employability in a competitive translation industry;
  • Assisted Sharon in adding the last modifications to the company’s brochure in French using Adobe InDesign. Knowing this software is a great skill to have, and Sharon masters it perfectly! The brochure looks perfect now, and when I saw it I felt like many translators must have felt when seeing their translation published for the first time: surprised and proud!
  • Started to improve the translators’ database, for easier access to translator files (Medical, Legal, Technical translators…);
  • Tried to fight my recent addiction to caffeine (it won the first battle but didn’t win the war).

To sum up, it was another very good week, practising new skills and strengthening others. It is a great shame that it had to end in such a horrible way, and all my thoughts are going out to my family and friends in Nice.

A bientôt!