End of our translation week already! Time always flies when I’m translating!

And there are still loads of website pages left to translate, so we may as well consider having a second translation week! In order to make it even more interesting, Claudia, Abdullah and I decided to divide the text to translate into 3 parts and create a mock project where each of us can manage our own project using Wordbee (a Project Management software). This way, we can all practice translation and Project Management at the same time. Sharon showed us how to upload the translated content on the website using WordPress, I had never used it before so I was quite happy about that!


This is the best way to practice translation and Project Management at the same time!

I also took this opportunity to work on improving my speed of translation while maintaining a good quality of translation by trying to learn touch typing. Bit of an epic fail so far but I’ll get there!

Next week, I will probably see if I can get another document to translate from the company’s archives in order to practice another type of translation, improve my touch typing “skills” and get valuable feedback. I may be busy with recruitment or PM and I still have to work on the e-book, so let’s see if I can make it!

A bientôt!

PS: Abdullah if you read this, stop feeding us with your delicious biscuits and homemade cakes!