Week 9: Back to Project Management!

I was really excited on Monday when I was called upstairs for the second time to do a bit of Project Management, or “PM”. A bit sad though that I had to leave Abdullah and his delicious cakes downstairs!

I should stay here for another week and managing projects with my friend and fellow intern Claudia. It is nice to work with Claudia as we can learn from each other from our little experience in PM. We still have a lot to learn, but I believe we learn fast!

]This week, I was focused on improving my customer relations skills. I already had experience in customer service from my previous job as a flight attendant where I have learned to provide high quality service and understand customers’ needs. However, although I can see some similarities in both job, some aspects of PM are different when it comes to dealing with customers. For example, writing emails and answering phone calls. In parallel, we are still translating some bits from the website and the e-book headings are finally taking shape!

So a good week overall, despite the horrible weather! Looking forward to another week of PM and, hopefully, a better week weather-wise.