Week 5

This week, I have been focusing a little bit on Project Management, a little bit more on recruitment and a lot on football (“Allez les Bleus!”).

However since I am not here to talk about football, I’ll tell you a bit about another lovely week in Lingua Translations. This week it was time for me to leave my PM trainee seat to Abdullah, our new adorable intern. We will all take turns, and I hope that I will be able to get back to it next month, as I still have a lot to learn!

I had the opportunity to recruit translators for an important upcoming project.

Recruiting is very interesting as I can get an insight as to what a translation agency is searching for when recruiting freelance translators, and vice versa. I also get a good idea of what rates translators generally offer per language combination.  Furthermore, by spotting good CVs from bad ones, I now have a clear idea of how to present my own!

In parallel we are still working on gathering information for the company’s e-book, and we have sent the survey we created out to customers. So far, we have received quite a few positive replies!

See you next week, à bientôt!