Eurovision 2018:

And the winner is!

eurovisionAnother year of Eurovision is over, and the winner with an impressive 529 points was Israel- almost 100 more than their nearest rival! This year 43 nations competed through semi-finals and the Grand Final. The show wasn’t without controversy as someone crashed the stage when the UK act was performing and took her microphone off her, but overall, it was a great show! Portugal had never hosted Eurovision before, and put out all the stops to make sure it was a memorable night for everyone.



Last year, Israel’s future was in doubt in the Eurovision as the broadcaster decided to cancel Eurovision, but another Israeli broadcaster jumped in to keep them in the competition, and luckily, they did as they’ve won!

The Israeli song was a bit random, but hey, its Eurovision! You expect it! Unfortunately though, they broke the recent tradition of foreign language songs winning Eurovision. Netta of Israel sang in English this year with the song ‘TOY’.


In second was Cyprus with ‘Fuego’, followed by Austria with ‘Nobody but you’

The highest foreign language song was Italy in 5th place with 308 points. Estonia came in a solid 8th with their Italian Operatic song La Forza (245 points).

The voting

Well the jury and audience were not on the same page! Poor Australia, the jury gave them 90 points, then the audience gave them the lowest score of 9 – totalling 99 points… Their worst display at Eurovision.

After the jury vote was counted, Austria was top of the list, but wasn’t as popular with the public vote. Israel and Cyprus were quite high up after the jury vote but won with audiences over Europe and Australia.

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What an exciting way to do the voting, as there were some shocks in the crowd when they were giving out the audience vote in the last few minutes of the broadcast!



We’ll see you next year in Israel!!

All aboard!