Proofreading Day – 8th March 2018

Have you ever thought that proofreading was important?

Maybe not, when in school, it might’ve been unlikely to write an essay and re-read it for mistakes before handing it in to a teacher. But when it comes to business, we think proofreading is very important. We think it’s great that there is a day dedicated to this needed skill! You have no idea how great a fresh set of eyes can be on a piece of work.


mistake 344x146Proofreading, when it comes to translation, could be to check for any mistakes or typos. It is also checking the translator has used the right style of writing including localisation. When we hire translators we normally check to make sure we are hiring the right one (Castilian Spanish or Costa Rican Spanish for example). Proofreading double checks that everything is perfect for our clients. Last thing we as a translation agency want is ‘egg on the face’ of our clients. One blemish can distract the reader from the entire article.


Mistakes in translation

You always hear of the mistakes in translation, and 9 times out of 10 it is because it was a machine translation and there was nobody checking the translation to make sure it was correct. Some of them are hilarious to see, others are just absolute mistakes! Therefore, proofreading is very important when publishing work.

mistake 416x300Take the Welsh sign for example. What happened here was an automated message, but the company took it as the translation. What the Welsh says is I’m not in the office right now. Send any work to be translated’. Quite a bit different from the original English. A proof-reader would’ve been able to spot this immediately and rectify it before it caused any damage to the company. Instead, this sign was make, and put up without anyone noticing the grave error!

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mistake 810x539At least, you could say the translation looked ‘Welsh’. This is more than what can be said for this example. In Asda, they used Scottish Gaelic instead of Welsh for their translation of parking. I know you can say, well they are both Celtic languages, but they do not look similar! This is why proofreading is important. This made news, and Asda did not come out well.


So, if you are a proof reader out there, celebrate today! This is your day to be proud of the great work you do for companies and clients out there.