Why export?

Exporting abroad enables your business to grow, perform more strongly financially and to reach new markets that would not otherwise be possible. According to recent UKTI (UK Trade and Investment) surveys, 85% of UKTI trade clients said that exporting had led to a “level of growth not otherwise possible”, while 87% said that exporting had significantly improved their profile or credibility. Entering overseas markets can be refreshing for your business, enabling you to explore new ideas and lead your company into new areas.

Using a professional translation company is of paramount importance when you’re looking to take your business abroad. Not only will you need your marketing material and website translated or localised for your new target audience, but it is likely that you will need a certain amount of legal and financial documentation translated into your target language to comply with legal and regulatory requirements in your chosen country and to proceed with setting up your business abroad.

Remember, according to the “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” Common Sense Advisory survey, 56.2% of consumers feel that having information in their language is more important than a low price, while 85.3% feel that having pre-purchase information in their own language is a critical factor when purchasing insurance and other financial services. Most importantly, over half of respondents (52.4%) only buy at websites with information presented in their language. When considering your exporting strategy, you must consider your translation requirements.

Let us know how we can help you – language shouldn’t be a barrier

Here are some helpful hints but each customer is different and will need to discuss their linguistic needs. As official language geeks we know what we are talking about and we will help you to succeed.